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by admin February 10, 2020
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Online Bill Payment with WebView

At this point, most shoppers realize the main great bill is a bill you have to pay for. The individuals who agree, and who additionally happen to be in receipt of a charging proclamation guiding them to the DataMax WebView entryway, can ensure the bill gets paid with simple in only minutes. New clients who have no past involvement in the entrance can start the enlistment procedure by setting off to the Pay ICC page and entering an Account Number and postal division. Clients should ensure they have their Enrollment Number (found on the charging articulation) and email address prepared as both will be required during enlistment. The individuals who have just joined at the Pay ICC page can get to a current record by entering their qualifications into the clear fields and hitting the login button.

About WebView

  • Once enlisted clients can make online installments to a record just as access installment history and earlier proclamations

  • Itemized guidelines on the most proficient method to enlist for the entrance can be found on the most recent charging articulation

  • WebView clients ought to appreciate getting a good deal on postage expenses and time by having their installment records accessible on the web

  • Satisfactory types of installment that can be utilized at WebView incorporate all significant charge cards just as financial records

  • Clients will get a moment reaction to affirm if an installment has been endorsed

The individuals who don’t anticipate utilizing the gateway more than once can pay without enlisting by setting off to the Pay ICC page and tapping the One-Time Payment button (account number and postal district will, in any case, be required). The individuals who have questions might need to take a stab at perusing the broad FAQs list presented on the WebView entry.

Pay the bill of DataMax

To pay the bill you must venture to, www.payicc.com

On the place scroll down and at the bottom left click on, ‘Continue to login’.

Then the redirected place will open and there at the middle input,

  • Registered Email:

  • Password:

PayStream Login

  • After this, click on, ‘Login’.

Create an user account with DataMax

To have this go to, To pay the bill you must venture to, www.payicc.com

On the place scroll down and at the bottom left click on, ‘Continue to login’.

Here, at the top right side of the login blanks, click on, ‘Create user’.

PayStream Create Account

On the directed change type,

  • Account Number:

  • Last Name:

  • House Number:

  • Last 4 of SSN:

  • Date of Birth:

  • Check the identification box

  • Then, from bottom, click on, ‘Continue’.

You need to follow the prompts to create the user ID.

Note: For the quick pay portal, you still have to sign up first.

Forgot password

If you have forgotten the password click on, ‘Lost password’.

On the next directed change, type,

  • The Registered Email

  • Check the identification box

  • Then, click on, ‘Submit’.

You need to follow the prompts to get the info back.

More details on WebView payment

  • WebView empowers easy checkouts for your application and site. With the Google Pay API, your clients can utilize the cards spared to their Google Accounts for consistent checkout inside your applications and locales.

  • Backing for repeating charging is attached to the installment technique returned in the Google Pay API reaction. Both tokenized cards and cards on record can be utilized for repeating charging. To process repeating charging, the shipper doesn’t need to call our API at a rhythm. Or maybe, the installment certification is put away on the dealer side for repeating installments. The vendor utilizes their installment passage APIs to oversee repeating charging.

  • To process an auto-reload charge for a similar cost, the vendor doesn’t need to consider our API each time. The installment accreditation is put away on the dealer side and reused. To get more data, traders must contact their installment door agent.

  • Vendors can deal with exchange inversions for undoings, repayments, or debates in the way that they at present handle chargebacks for different types of installment. To get more data, shippers must contact their processors’ delegates.

  • Affirmed charitable associations (NPOs) can incorporate the Google Pay API to gather gifts, if, and just on the off chance that, they give documentation to demonstrate, confirm, and approve their not-for-profit status.

  • Google Play engineers that sell advanced products and ventures on Android applications must utilize Google Play In-application Billing, as determined in the Play Developer Policy Center. Instances of In-application Billing incorporate virtual game items, application usefulness or substance, and cloud programming items. See the Google Play Billing outline page to get familiar with In-application Billing.

  • All cards added to Google experience a check approval to approve card subtleties, which incorporate the card confirmation code (CVC). Google likewise runs an exclusive hazard motor dependent on instrument information, Google account profiles, buy history, areas, and gadget data. Vendors, nonetheless, must keep on utilizing their present extortion and hazard evaluation apparatuses with Google Pay exchanges.

  • Clients would now be able to utilize PayPal through Google Pay to make buys when they shop in applications or on the web.

Contact help

For the contact part, you need to check the WebView page, and there you will get frequently asked questions help.

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