How to Apply for Balance Transfer on Discover Card

by admin August 03, 2023
discover balance transfer tips

Apply for Balance Transfer on Discover

  • Open a new tab in the browser and enter URL in the address bar
  • Next click the ‘Apply Now button in the middle part of the webpage, and you be will direct to
  • Scroll down to look through different types of credit cards if you are interested. Then click ‘Apply Now’, you will be asked to enter your name to be used as a username.


apply for discover balance transfer



  • Follow on-screen instructions, then enter some personal information, your address, SSD, total annual gross income, and monthly housing/renting payment.
  • You may notice that on top of the ‘Continue’ button is a notification of ‘Get a great offer and transfer up to 3 balances’, you may click to find out more.
  • Click ‘Pay down Estimator’ or ‘Financial Calculator’, you will be directed to the login card center page. Once you login, it is easy to view or search your recent transactions, check your account balances and download up to 7 years of statement.


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