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Set up Automatic Payments for Applied Bank Credit Cards

Applied Bank was established in the year 1996. Applied Bank is ranked as Number One bank as per the customer’s choice for its amazing personal and business banking services and commodity. It’s headquarter is located in Wilmington, Delaware, United States of America. Applied Bank is a part of FDIC insured Equal Housing Lender, Delaware State Chartered Bank.

Goal and mission of Applied Bank

The goal of Applied Bank is to set up an unparalleled consumer and commercial relationship by advocating by constantly presenting competitive and attractive financial commodities and facilities bundled up with the quality that overreaches the expectations and requirements of the customers.

Applied Bank Credit Cards are issued by both Visa and MasterCard. Both secured and unsecured credit cards are available. The best thing is that Applied Bank Credit Card does not have a minimum credit score to apply.  Applied Bank also does not take credit history of the applicant into account.


Automatic Payment System

If you already have a credit card with Applied Bank and also have an online account of the same, it is suggested to opt for the Automatic Payment for the monthly bill of your credit card. You see, it is not a convenient thing to remember your time for the monthly payment every month.

And worse is, delay in payment would incur the standard rate of interest from the very next day.   So, wise thing is to set up auto payment. At the due date, Applied Bank will automatically deduct the monthly credit card bill from your bank account provided you have sufficient balance. All you need to do have is an online credit card account and sufficient balance.


How to set up auto payment

Setting up auto payment is very easy. Take a look:


Set up Automatic Payments for Applied Bank Credit Cards


  1. Bank Account Number.
  2. Social Security Number (last four digits).
  3. Home Phone Number.
  4. Cell Phone Number.
  5. Registered Email Address.
  • Click on Submit.


Important Notes:

  • Are you worried about the security of the auto payment registration portal? Need not to take stress, for all the login information and data you enter is protected by SSL (Social Sockets Layer) technology.
  • In case, you are already enrolled in the Automatic Payment feature and want to change your bank account, then you can follow the same process as above, only place the new bank account in place of Account Number to update and submit.
  • If you wish to un-enroll with automatic payment, you need to enter all the information you have entered previously related to your account and credential, click submit and opt for un-enrollment.

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Here are the lists of helpline numbers for your Applied Credit Card for various requirements. Save these numbers in case of an emergency.


General Customer Service

For any general, request, queries or concerns regarding your credit card account feel free to reach at (800) 947-1090.


Technical Support

For any kind of technical support like setting up an online account or auto payment, please connect at (800) 947-1090.


Lost or Stolen Report

Are you concerned about the unauthorized transaction? Have you lost your credit card? Has it got stolen? Do not fear and block your card immediately to protect phishing and unauthorized transaction by immediately calling (800) 556-5678.




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