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by admin May 14, 2020
RA Venues customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Service is the main essence of the business. Without a loyal base of the customer, there is no point in continuing with the service. The service is the customer and the customer is the service. From the very beginning of the commerce and trade, it has been the duty of the service and goods providers to opt for the clear cut customer communication. Evolving by keeping in mind the latest trends and the demands of the customer is what makes business flourishing one.


Why business is customer-centric

Keep the customer happy, they said! In the modern era, with the constant changes in technology, preferences, and lifestyle, the merchants and service e providers must keep tab with the latest demands and ethics which will benefit in the sphere of both profit and customer satisfaction.

Online Customer Survey is the new age to keep track of the customer feedback and their opinions. Various business organizations and service providers are employing such integrated tools via which customers need to give their feedback by answering a set of questionnaires. These questions are mainly related to the service behaviors, fasted-ness, willingness, quality of the services or the product provided. The questions are set in such a format that the customers can give nearly exact answers through multiple choice question formats.

Either the company themselves set up questionnaires or they hire firms or organizations that are specializing in devising the most accurate yet hassle-free survey gateway for the company they are taking the contract for.


About We Aim To Delight

We Aim To Delight is a prolific survey company specializes in developing effective survey platforms for the business organizations and service providers as per their profile and functioning. We Aim to Delight is essentially based in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.  It works with some famous retailers and the service provider in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. Just like discussed above, the We Aim to Delight targets to improve the sales and customer footprint of the large and small size business they are working with.


RA Venues Online Guest Satisfaction Survey

We Aim To Delight has partnered with RA Venues, considered to be one of the largest venues in the UK to handle the some of the most popular public and tourist attraction of culinary, cultural and heritage venues providing fantastical experience in various fields. RA Venues strives to make special occasions of extraordinary reasons to celebrate the positivity. From receptions to dinners, from gatherings to meetings, RA Venues has it all with spectacular venues and interesting choice of event spaces. In short, RA Venues serves the hospitality to its special client base.

To make the stay with RA Venues more enjoyable and satisfying, with We Aim To Delight, RA brings Online Guest Satisfaction Survey to understand the pulse for their customers via numerous questionnaires and valuable feedback of the customers.  This survey aims to take the feedback of the customers seriously and make the necessary changes and improvements making RA Venues best in the field of the hospitality industry.


Important Points on Online Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Varieties of questions are asked in the multiple-choice format.
  • Few of the venues that are included in the survey are Snowdome, Weston Park, Northhampton Saints, Aston Villa F.C and any more.
  • The feedbacks that are taken are 100 % confidential and would not be available to the third party for any purpose.
  • The name and identity of the customer would not be revealed at any cost. The portal is totally secured with protected by high-level encryption.
  • Apart from answering the questions, giving feedback to improvise the services, customers would also be eligible to win rewards, coupons, and sweepstakes as per the offer available in the venue for which the customer has undertaken the survey. For details on offers, customers are encouraged to speak to the authority of the concerned venue or visit its official page.
  • To win the rewards announced, customers need to complete the entire survey. Incomplete feedback would be considered invalid and will be nullified.
  • Customers are encouraged to provide honest feedback regarding their experience.


Begin the Survey

Starting the survey is easy and it will take just a few minutes to complete the entire survey. Please ensure that your device is connected to the stable internet connection and the browser is updated to the latest version. Begin the survey as follows:


RA Venues Online Guest Satisfaction Survey


  • Select the location/venue you have visited from the dropdown.
  • Click Next.
  • Specify the section or place of the location you visited(for instance cafe, bar, restaurant/meeting, conference, event)
  • Mention the exact date of your visit.
  • Specify the time of your visit from the given time slots.


RA Venues Guest Satisfaction Survey


  • On a scale of ten please rate the overall experience.
  • Select the topic signs from the cards given that have influenced your above rating.
  • Please rate how likely you are going to recommend the concerned venue.
  • You can also write in the given box regarding any further comments or feedback that you would like to input.
  • Click Next.
  • You may choose to Finish. However, if you want to complete the survey especially if any offer is going on in your venue, then you must surely complete the survey. So, you may click on Let’s Continue.
  • Please rate the efficiency of the service.
  • Rate the friendliness of the staff.
  • Rate the range of food/product/service.


RA Venues customer Satisfaction Survey


  • Rate the value for money.
  • Rate the satisfaction level with the food and drink.
  • Specify your gender.
  • Select your age range.
  • Mention if you wish to be contacted for further comments.
  • In case you have selected to e contacted, enter your name, email address and phone number where you wish to be contacted for further feedback.
  • Click on Submit.


Your feedback will be submitted successfully. You will receive the coupon code or reward code displayed on the screen at the end of the survey. Please take the receipt or the invoice for your last visit and note down the coupon code. This code will also be sent to your email address you have entered at the end. You can take the printout of the email and show it to the venue for your next visit or booking.

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Customer Support


Dial 1-800-530-4251.


Write at info@inmoment.com  





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