How To Access Good HosueKeeping Magazine Login Account

by admin August 03, 2023
good housekeeping magazine login tips

Good Housekeeping magazine was first issued on 2 May 1885, and it has its total circulation of, 4,336,711. The magazine is published by, Hearst Communications, and its based on, New York City, New York, U.S. Good Housekeeping magazine has a monthly frequency.

Good HOUSEKEEPING magazine customer service offers its subscribers a great offer to get access to the several online features through an online account. They can check their online account status, get to pay online bills, get to verify the start and expiry dates, avail the managing of subscription email notices and a lot more from this very online account. All you require is to create an online account on their website, and then you can log in to your account to get access in these features which you can use from there.

Other than using various online features, the subscribers are also offered some other special offers, such as, subscribing to the print edition, get to subscribe to the digital edition, providing a gift card, get to order Hearst Magazine, and much more on the same company webpage.

Access Good Housekeeping Magazine Login Account

To log in, you will get three methods, such as you can log in with your account number,

Your email and zip code, then, your name and mailing address.

For these, you need to visit,


Here, in the middle of the page, you can go for the first logging-in method, and here, you need to type,

  • The account number (You can find it in your magazine mailing label, or you can find it in your renewal notice and in the bill. )

  • Then check the validation box.


good housekeeping magazine login


  • Now, click on, ‘Login’.

For the second method, you have to enter

  • Email Address

  • Zip Code

  • Then check the validation box

  • Now, click on, ‘Login’.


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For the third and last logging-in method, you have to enter

  • Name

  • Address 1

  • Address 2

  • City

  • State/Province

  • Zip/Postal Code

  • Country

  • After that, check the validation box

  • Then, click on, ‘Login’.

After you get entry into your account, you will be able to pay your bill and get several other services too. If you have any questions or queries, then you can always contact the customer service center on the official website to get the answers.

Contact details

If you want to contact the Good Housekeeping magazine, you need to call on, 087-405-2221. Or you can send a mail to, 300 West 57th Street. New York, NY 10019-5288.

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